Founder’s Story

My name is Ondrej and I am the founder of Canna Therapy Cosmetics. Here is the story of how I discovered the powerful properties of cannabis and why I decided to start developing cosmetics based on Cannabis Sativa extract.

Everything started seven years ago when my father

was diagnosed with colon cancer. He was working for the government, so we had access to the most modern treatments available at the time. Doctors were very optimistic that he had quite а good chance to get rid of the cancer by surgical intervention and chemotherapy.

After a few months of chemotherapy and necessary surgical procedures it was clear to me that my father was not getting better. At this point I started thinking about giving him cannabis cigarettes to lessen his pain as I knew it is widely recommended. During my research I found out about Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil a.k.a. “Phoenix Tears”, claimed by many people to have cured their cancer. Since selling cannabis is not legal, I couldn’t find Phoenix Tears anywhere. I couldn’t risk buying something of unknown origin, so I decided to grow my own plants.

Unfortunately, my father suddenly passed away before I could give him the Phoenix Tears. Still, I felt it was my duty to spread the word about the potential healing properties of cannabis. Of course, first I needed proper evidence of the Phoenix Tears’ positive effects. Shortly after that I got some.

I found a dark spot above my knee that had not been there before, but I have decided not to visit doctors because of the experience I had with them recently. After observing the spot for a few weeks, I was afraid that it was growing. I started treating it with the cannabis extract I already had. To my enormous surprise, it disappeared completely after 45 days of “treatment”.
Afterwards I used it in lower concentration for various scratches and cuts on my hands, legs etc., as well as for very dry skin on my hands. My relatives tried it as well with great success. I was already completely convinced that cannabis had strong properties, and I wanted to make aware as many people as I could.

Together with one of the best doctors of natural sciences in the Czech Republic, with over 25 years of experience in formulation and production of cosmetics, we have developed a formula based on cannabis extract that contains all cannabinoids. And this is how Canna Therapy was born. Since then, we’ve had many grateful customers who use Canna Therapy for different reasons – from dry or oily skin, to acne, psoriasis, and many others. We are now in the process of developing a wider range of products, based on the same formula, and searching for the best distribution channels for Canna Therapy Cosmetics.

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The Brand

Behind Canna Therapy stand our primary values – to be natural, to be responsible and to give maximum premium quality for you and your skin. We combine the latest scientific breakthroughs with our extensive botanical knowledge, focusing on cannabis as one of the strongest and most beneficial plants on earth.

Why Produce
In Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is widely recognised as one of the leading countries in the cannabis industry. Its long tradition in folk medicine, together with its open-minded approach to cannabis make it the leading country of topical cannabis products worldwide. On top of that, the Czech Republic does not have so many restrictions on cannabis cultivation and processing, which allows us to conduct research and development of our unique extract formulas.